Sunday, February 17, 2013

o v e r l y

Aku memang suka majalah selain novel. Izinkan aku berkongsi isu yang terdapat dalam CLEO february kali ini. Saja suka-suka. Mungkin ada yang dah baca. 
 by Tommy Wee.
If you find yourself saying anything similar to these quips, maybe, just maybe, you're developing into an Overly Attached Girlfriend.
so, do you?

1."i know we've barely dated for weeks, but can you go with me to my cousin's wedding? my mum cannot wait to meet you."
p/s: ohhh please la. Girls, save yourself of having to explain to 26 relatives if it doesn't work out.
simple: sila buat istikharah 100 kali dulu.

2."Hey, i called you 16 times during lunchtime. Who did you have lunch with?"
p/s: Disaster! maybe she has nothing to do.
simple: If he doesn't pick up the phone after two calls, let him call you back.

3: "Can you unfriend those girls who like your solo FB photos?"
p/s: Erk, err, hmm! 
simple: Boys, this is the best way to kill the relationship. Ha ha *gelak jahat

4:"i want to spend all my time with you. If i could quit my job i would. Do you feel the same?"
p/s: can you rethink, rethink, rethink until infinity?!
simple: No one wants to be imprisoned by the company of one person and eventually find nothing else to talk about. if me? if he confirm become my husband, so why not.. hikhik

5: "i've named three of the teddy bears on my bed after our future kids!"
p/s: are you insane? back to your sense..
simple: No man wants to imagine you talking to a teddy bear you've named after your supposedly kids when he's not around. Can you say "Daddy issues"?

 So, the simple answer from Tommy Wee
"any man with quality DNA in his sperm will tell you this:
don't get in my way face because i need my space."

Omo malunyer.. ok bye! i'm faint.

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