Wednesday, February 6, 2013

o b l i v i o n

How can i tell u...
being this way.. shameless, ignorant, unconscious...
swallowing my pride in front of you.
Just want to stay by your side..
even i don't have the right..
but i end up by being troublemaker..
i keep making things difficult for you. 

If i can live in another world or have a time machine...
So, i keep saying to myself...
i am just dreaming, it is only a dream.
I'll back on track..
and live my life how it should be..
I'll make sure to keep my distance..
say "i love you" when you're not listening.
How can i completely erased you from my memory?
just slap me dead, cause i deserve to.
it is ok to hate me..
because i hate myself too.

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