Friday, July 12, 2013

Journal versus novel

  Actually i'm supposed to write a paper for upcoming conference this September (Malaysia Polymer International Conference). I will attend this conference as the oral presenter. OMG!!! Why must I register as the presenter not the participant. That's too late to regret. At the end I have to face it too. It is requirement people. Just two month left. Nothing much I can do. This is me, of course nervous to the bone. Even viva is mindless dreaming for me. The trauma still fresh. But others told me conference is fun. Whatever people! Writing paper meaning I must refer to the journal to ensure relevancy of my result. And the rest of my life as long as named research student I must deal with a tonne and bulk of journals. The key point is no matter how I look at it, it's just so, boring! Cukuplah kantoi sudah broken english habis.

Thanks! you make me sleepy zzz

Kalau novel boleh pulak. Bila baca jurnal mulalah fikiran ke laut. Menguap tak payah bilang lah. Sejujurnya, lama dah aku tak baca. Lepas habis viva haritu. Tak adalah lama sangat tiga bulan T_T. Minggu depan aku harus serius! Tak boleh manjakan diri sangat. Treat the journal as a novel. Ironinya jika novel boleh diingat segala watak dan tempat kejadian. Nama penuh hero dengan heroin lagilah tak ada masalah. For me journal versus novel it's miserable and magical oh yeah!

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